We need to talk about WCAG – Blog

We need to talk about WCAG – Blog

Recommendation and discussion

What the accessibility community worldwide needs to do, in my opinion, is to help the W3C because we cannot continue like this. 

Make the specifications and documentation accessible to web creators,  unambiguous and easier to maintain. 

Focus on how a web creator searches for information. Optimise for search engines. Add the status and WCAG version clearly to the HTML title.

Provide training, example material using modern web development techniques and links to resources. Keep them in one place on the WAI website. Information that is appealing, readable and well maintained.

Work together on the MDN Web Docs, by reviewing and adding accessible code examples for the copy/paste developers.

Remove the Techniques, as they are hard to maintain and harmful. Instead focus on making the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) site the place to go for Techniques and tutorials and keep all that in one place and up to date. If removing is a bridge too far, at least review and update the content.

Focus on education and documentation first, instead of writing new specifications. Stop adding new Success Criteria before the most recent ones have been properly documented and explained and better adopted into websites worldwide. Wait with the WCAG 2.2 roll out. 

And most of all: think from a web creator’s point of view, because they are the ones building the web. Can I also say here: users first?

Many thanks to Adrian, Eric, Hidde, Jules and Taeke for their valuable proofreading, feedback and discussions on the draft versions of this post.

Update May 19, 2021

On The W3C/WCAG Github repository I opened an issue: Please join the discussion there.
Comment on WCAG 2.2 Draft: please delay adding of new Success Criteria before the current documentation is improved.

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