A day in the life – Tackling design dilemmas with Andrée

A day in the life – Tackling design dilemmas with Andrée

How do you start from scratch with a design for a new client?

That of course differs from project to project and it depends on what the client’s request is exactly. Personally, I like to broaden first. Then I try to absorb as much information as possible and gain inspiration. On the web, but also physically if possible. Besides wandering around the usual suspects (Dribbble, Behance, Pinterest etc.), I also keep a list of websites that inspire me or where I like a certain interaction. Every other month we also have an inspiration session with our design team, which aims to keep the quality of our work as high as possible and to investigate new things.

Of course, I also get a lot of information from creative sessions that we do with the client. For example, in one session we can be working on positioning the company, but in another session we are very focused on the user by making a customer journey together. I try to include all the information in this phase. In the end, the trick is to use all that information and inspiration to make the entirety smaller again and to pick out the right things. If you don’t do this, you risk ‘getting lost’ in all the information you have!

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